Columbus University



Episode 1 : Introduction -- Il Professore, Robert Petrone Listen
Episode 2 : Interview with Matt Minsky, Esq. on the Columbus Day Lawsuit Listen
Episode 3 : Christopher Columbus, First Civil Rights Activist of the Americas Listen
Episode 4 : Christopher Columbus, His Life in a Character Sketch Listen
Episode 5 : Interview with Rafael Ortiz, Author of Columbus the Hero Listen
Episode 6 : Dem Bones or Christopher Columbus's DNA Listen
Episode 7 : Christine Flowers, Esq.: The World v. Philadelphia & Mayor Kenney Listen
Episode 8 : Christopher Columbus, Super Dad Listen
Episode 9 : Who Are the Columbus-detractors? Listen
Episode 10: Andre DiMino Talks Columbus Day in Randolph NJ Listen
Episode 11: Columbus Day, an Atonement to Italian Americans Listen
Episode 12: Christopher Columbus, the First Founding Father Listen
Episode 13: Christopher the Catholic Hero, Christopher the Saint Listen
Episode 14: The Primary Historical Sources Listen
Episode 15: Arguing with Columbus-detractors Listen
Episode 16: Lou Gallo, Educating the Indoctrinated about Christopher Columbus Listen
Episode 17: George Bochetto, Esq., K.O.s the Columbus-detractors Listen
Episode 18: Dr. Carol Delaney, Premier Christopher Columbus Expert in the World Listen
Episode 19: Rafael Ortiz Debunks Hans Koning Listen
Episode 20: Dunce Corner, Featuring the Caffeinated Marxista Listen
Episode 21: The Frankfurt School's Columbus Lies in Our Schools Listen
Episode 22: Debunking Howard Zinn Listen

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