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Radio Voice Italia

Radio Voice Italia is an international internet radio broadcast featuring live and archived internet radio shows.  RVI airs live every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time,

RVI features segments on Italian heritage, classic singers, a lifestyle and news program on Italy and humanitarian news programs including “ Dope on the Pope,” about the Catholic Pope, and Robert Petrone's Christopher Columbus University, about the true history of Christopher Columbus


Premiere Broadcast - Christopher Columbus University

Columbus in Chicago

The Italian Sons & Daughters of America report that Chicago's Columbus statues may all be re-erected pursuant to a legal agreement uncovered by the Freedom of Information Act proving that Chicago officials lacked the authority to remove the statues:

Chicago's Columbus Statues Could All Be Coming Back

Italian American Groups Play Hard Ball and Sue Philly's Mayor

Italian Americans across the nation have filed a civil rights law suit against Philadelphia mayor James F. Kenney

Columbus was the greatest hero of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

As the familiar narrative has arisen in recent years of Christopher Columbus as a purported "villain", so have risen countless experts on Christopher Columbus to unanimously debunk this slander as the myth it is.

To name a few,

  • Professor Emeritus Carol Delaney of Stanford University, dedicated decades of her life traveling the globe to study documents and artifacts regarding Columbus first-hand, and is the premier Columbus expert on the planet.
  • Taino author Rafael Ortiz has written four books on Columbus in English and Spanish and collaborated with the National Columbus Education Foundation.
  • Philadelphia attorney Robert F. Petrone, was enlisted by City Council to research the primary resources and investigate the slanderous claims recently levied against Columbus in the bitter battle over Columbus's legacy in Philadelphia.

All three of these Columbus scholars recently appeared among a panel of experts hosted by Drexel University. They and the rest of the panel of experts all unanimously agreed that the portrayal of Columbus as a racist, rapist, maimer, murderer, slaver, swindler, and genocidal maniac is nothing more than a collection of bald-faced lies.

In fact, Columbus was the greatest hero of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries; specifically, he was the first civil rights activist of the Americas. This site is dedicated to promoting the works of the experts who have studied the primary sources who understand this truth, and to serving as a repository for grass-roots campaigns to fight the political forces bent on destroying the legacy of this paragon and icon of Western culture.

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